What's Your Best Exit Strategy?

Curious about which exit strategy is best for you? Answer these five questions and find out!

Exit Strategy Questionnaire

Which exit strategy is best for you? Answer the questions below to determine ideal exit strategy based on your persona type.

Your biggest asset is:

  1. Your staff and client relationships
  2. Your experience in the industry
  3. Your company's brand and reputation
  4. Your ability to negotiate deals

You're concerned about:

  1. Losing momentum after an exit
  2. Ensuring your employees are taken care of
  3. Finding a buyer who shares your values
  4. Leaving money on the table in a sale

Your preferred approach is:

  1. A gradual transition that retains contro
  2. An efficient exit that minimizes disruptions
  3. A strategic partnership to preserve your legacy
  4. An opportunity to maximize financial value

For your exit, having control of the timeline is:

  1. Extremely important
  2. Not a priority
  3. Somewhat important
  4. Very important

You prefer to work with:

  1. Investors who give you autonomy
  2. Established companies with experience acquiring MSPs
  3. Strategic buyers who share your values
  4. Financial buyers focused on profitability

Your Results:

If you got mostly A's:
  • Your persona type matches Ambitious Abe
  • Your best exit strategy is a gradual/partial sale while retaining control, or joining the acquiring company as a new team member.
If you got mostly B's:
  • Your persona type matches Transition Tom
  • Your best exit strategy is a full sale to a trusted acquirer.
If you got mostly C's:
  • Your persona type matches Legacy Larissa
  • Your best exit strategy is a strategic partnership to preserve legacy.
If you got mostly D's:
  • Your persona type matches Maximizer Mike
  • Your best exit strategy is maximizing valuation through a flexible deal.