You built your MSP from the ground up.

Poured your blood, sweat, and tears in.

But could use a dedicated partner

to help you reach new heights.

One who embraces your involvement...

a battle-tested peer who's proven.

You need more than an investor.

You need an ally.

Let our foundations be your freedom.

Investors Who Share Your DNA

At Blue Alliance, our "Founders-First Philosophy" offers a more empathetic, understanding, and comprehensive approach to MSP investment. Beyond financial capital, we also bring operational insights specific to MSPs. Each of the company's founders has built and run a successful MSP. They are intimately familiar with tech businesses' unique challenges and aspirations but saw a bright potential that could be realized through collaboration. Blue Alliance is designed by MSPs for MSPs to overcome financial hurdles, amplify synergies, and seize untapped opportunities that might feel out of reach for independent MSPs.

// The Power of Alliance


Shared Resources and Expertise

  • Blue Alliance unites MSPs to pool resources and talent, facilitating growth and ensuring access to any required service or skill set.
  • Our partners benefit from scalability, avoiding rushed hiring by utilizing the network's vast talent expertise, tapping into specialized experts even on a fractional basis, and 24/7 access to tech specialists, data, and security emergency teams
  • This cohesion allows a Blue Alliance MSP to act swiftly, address tech challenges effectively, and deliver unparalleled value to their clients.

// Our Investment Process

Discovering Your Upside

  • At Blue Alliance, we take a custom, personalized approach to partnership. Our proprietary intake process lets us deeply understand your goals before structuring a deal.
  • We're MSP owners like you so we know the on-the-ground reality of running a successful MSP. We asked ourselves: what would it take if we were on the other end? Then using our combined years of experience, we crafted an investment process that's transparent, fair, and creates an ideal path to partnership.

// Here's What You Gain


Uplift Your Legacy

  • Experienced Leadership: Our leaders have personally navigated the same industry challenges and understand the intricacies of the MSP journey.
  • Operational Insights: Our approach to success and growth combines financial investment and our first-hand experience running successful MSPs.
  • Legacy Preservation: We respect the brand, client trust, and company culture founders have built over the years.
  • Addressing Core Challenges: Blue Alliance solves the financial and operational barriers that stand in the way of an MSP's full potential.

Four Steps to Freedom


Discovery & Nomination

Set up an introductory call with one of our founders. If we're a fit, advance to the next stage for discovery and consideration for nomination.


Partnership Evaluation

Complete your Blueprint to Freedom, outlining your company's success, your vision for the transition, and due diligence information.


Onboarding & Integration

We initiate the Foundations to Freedom integration process, which levels your company to operate within the Blue Alliance platform. Following the discovery phase, we initiate a transition phase, including communications to stakeholders.


Access Playbook

Once the foundation is secure, the company can apply best-in-class practices from our proprietary Freedom to Grow playbook.









fast response
"Nick and the team were great. Straightforward and knowledgable. It helps dealing with other operators with the scars to prove it. We can talk in shorthand and get to crux of issues quickly."

Blue Alliance Member

Position, Company name

"I finally met people who totally understood my pain. But not only that, the founders saw the upside in my business and the untapped potential that was just sitting there...And that I would need more support to be free to focus on big initiatives."

Blue Alliance Member

Position, Company name

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our investment process, partnership terms, and expectations for MSP owners.

What does it mean to be a Blue Alliance partner?

Being a Blue Alliance partner means that you belong to an exclusive network of managed service providers that are pursuing individual success while leveraging the power of a national growth platform. By eliminating the obstacles, operational challenges and capital limitations that inhibit growth, Blue Alliance enables their partners to maintain focus on their own MSP business while offering seamless access to an experienced team of diverse technology strategists and implementers.

Is Blue Alliance a private equity investor?

We’re an operator-led MSP investment group, who’s partnered with a private equity partner like us to ensure the success, culture, ethos of the business stays the same. We’ve partnered with Prairie Capital to strengthen our resources, broaden our capabilities, and secure a more expansive platform for our MSP partners, ensuring their continued growth, innovation, and success in an ever-evolving market landscape.

How do you determine a tech company's valuation?

There is no simple calculation to determine the valuation of a tech company; however, as the leadership of Blue Alliance have all run successful MSP and IT services companies ourselves, we understand that true valuation goes beyond annual revenue, number of employees and EBITDA. We work closely with you to evaluate what you have accomplished in your field as well as the potential for future growth.

Is investment by Blue Alliance considered a merger with my company or is Blue Alliance interested in fully acquiring my company?

While joining Blue Alliance will be a financial acquisition, the unique growth platform we've created harnesses the power of partner companies and the skills and expertise they bring to the network. Ongoing independent operations and the continued success and promotion of our individual partner brands is a key differentiator in the Blue Alliance model.

Must my company meet an annual minimum revenue threshold to become a Blue Alliance partner?

A unique aspect of our platform is that we can support both direct partners whose brands stay the same, and we can also partner with companies who want to join a larger organization. Due to this, we can accept a wider range of investments starting at the $500K revenue mark.

Does my company have to be a full-service IT firm to be considered?

Diverse capabilities and professionals add tremendous value to the Blue Alliance network and growth platform. We are interested is connecting with potential partners across the full technology spectrum, including:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity
  • Managed Services Providers
  • Cloud Services Providers
  • Wireless & Mobile Computing
  • Third-Party Support
  • Data Analytics
  • Hosting Providers
  • Audio/Video
  • Hardware Manufacturers
  • SaaS Providers
  • App Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Telecom Services
  • Software Integrators

Will I still have input into how my company is run?

You built your company, so we believe there is no one better equipped to guide its future trajectory than you. Together, we'll develop a collaborative plan that makes sense for your personal and professional objectives.

What will happen to my staff if I partner with Blue Alliance?

Your staff is an integral part of your company and we intend to keep it that way. Your staff will remain in place and will continue on with business as usual.

What will happen to my existing clients if I partner with Blue Alliance?

We are interested in working with partners who value relationships over transactions, and we know that client trust is hard-earned. You will continue serving your clients as a trusted local resource. The only change is that your clients will now have access to a national team of diverse technology experts, if needed.

What changes can I expect when my company becomes a Blue Alliance partner?

The goal of Blue Alliance is to add value to our partners' businesses, not subtract from them and change what makes each company unique. Read the Power of Alliance to understand how Blue Alliance's growth platform fuels success by preserving partner independence and adding services, resources and talent that can make a difference from Day 1.

How can becoming a Blue Alliance partner help me grow my company and develop new business?

With Blue Alliance, your business can swing for the fences. Our national network of experts is an efficient and agile resource, whether an existing client is facing a catastrophic cyberthreat or a new client prospect requires specialized services outside of your wheelhouse. With Blue Alliance, you can add specialized expertise and hundreds of team members to your bench, without increasing your payroll.

I'm looking to retire. Can becoming a Blue Alliance partner still be an option for me?

We help MSPs whether their owners are seeking to scale up or out. Together, we'll develop a collaborative plan that makes sense for your personal and professional objectives.

Still have questions?

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