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Meet the team of MSP owners combining their expertise to accelerate partner success.

We Are Blue Alliance

Meet the team of MSP owners combining their expertise to accelerate partner success.

Our Story

Blue Alliance was founded by two growing independent MSP operators. While successful in their own right, each had been deep in the trenches, experiencing never-ending hours, constant fires to fight, and the mounting compliance and liabilities of running an independent IT business. After one too many sleepless nights, we imagined a better way. We knew that banding together would make us stronger. If we shared our resources, learnings, buying power, respective know-how, and expertise.

So, we decided to build an Alliance. But we wanted it to be special. Yes, we're technically an MSP platform, but we didn't want to be the bloodthirsty, short-term-focused buyers we had all been approached by. So we asked ourselves, how can we build the best MSP coalition if we were to build this from scratch, from the ground up? What if it could be founder-led rather than finance-led? What if we could build a coalition that gave EVERY partner a voice? A place where hard-won knowledge was shared to lift each other up? Where our respective teams were taken care of? Where "family" wasn't considered a bad word but embraced? Where our brands and legacy would be celebrated and honored?

Blue Alliance was born out of this vision powered by collaboration, not control. One that saw people behind the numbers on a spreadsheet. One focused on growing relationships, knowing that people power profits.

Our story is still being written, but we know this much is true: we go further when we go together.

Our Manifesto

We believe the future belongs to those who build it, not those who acquire it. True innovation is forged from ingenuity, not domination.

We believe cooperation will triumph over consolidation. Partnerships, not takeovers, drive progress.

For too long, the deck has been stacked against the independent MSP. But no more. The time has come to take back our industry.

We will not permit legacies to be erased in the pursuit of scale. We will ensure your story of grit and perseverance lives on.

We will not allow relationships to become transactions and honor the bond of trust that powers our community.

At Blue Alliance, we know who we stand for: the builders, the dreamers, the underdogs. And that the future belongs to the united.

Our Mission

Our mission is to find the best of the best to join together to build an operator-led MSP collective that sets the industry standard. We believe that good people know good people.

That's why our alliance is built on a member-nomination basis only. We recognize that technology moves fast, but business is still about people, relationships, and trust in the long run. We seek to work with the most exceptional MSP owners and help them transition their life's work smoothly and successfully, providing them with the resources and support they need to keep their businesses thriving.

We know the collective is only as strong as the sum of its parts. That's why our mission is to amplify all the good things about a member MSP company, not change them.

Ultimately, our mission is to preserve legacies, honor customer commitments, and celebrate our alliance members' teams because we believe these are the cornerstones on which our foundation is built.

Let's take back our industry together from the inside out.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a thriving alliance of MSPs where invested partners collectively succeed, driven by a desire to lead the industry for the long haul and shape our destiny.
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Our Values

Values aren't just words on a website. These are the principles the guide every action in our alliance and ensure we are staying the course and true to who we are, and aspire to be.


We believe transparency builds authentic connections and trust. We put people first. Deals come second.


We share our experience to help others reach their potential. If we're not growing, we're dying.


We succeed when our partners succeed. Your growth fuels ours.


Together, we can achieve more than alone.


We value initiative, perseverance, and courage over polished plans.


We secure your life's work so you can build on it and continue to grow.


We offer grace because we all fall short. We choose progress over perfection. Sometimes the best shots follow great rebounds.