Which MSP Persona Are You?

Are you more of an Ambitious Abe, Transition Tom, Legacy Larissa, or Maximizer Mike? Answer our short questionnaire to find out which MSP owner persona you align with the most.

Persona Questionnaire

Pick your answers from the list below and note them down to find out who you most closely resemble?

You're motivated by:

  1. Independence and maintaining control
  2. Relief from daily stresses
  3. Loyalty to your team and customers
  4. Reward for your hard work

Your biggest worry is:

  1. Wearing too many hats, limited resources
  2. Declining business value
  3. Threats to your brand legacy
  4. Leaving money on the table

Your ideal partnership outcome is:

  1. Growing a sustainable company
  2. A life after exiting your company
  3. Your legacy preserved
  4. The highest valuation and returns

You value most:

  1. Assets to expand your business
  2. A smooth transition process
  3. Finding the right cultural partner
  4. Creative deal structuring

Your top priority is:

  1. Rapid growth and expansion
  2. Finding an exit strategy
  3. Securing your legacy
  4. Maximizing financial return

Your Results:

If you got mostly A's:
  • Your are an Ambitious Abe
If you got mostly B's:
  • You are Transition Tom
If you got mostly C's:
  • You are: Legacy Larissa
If you got mostly D's:
  • You are: Maximizer Mike