Shaun Sexton

Founding Partner


Shaun Sexton, Co-founder of Blue Alliance, is a seasoned entrepreneur and business coach celebrated for his ability to foster vibrant organizational cultures and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction. Shaun's journey began with founding Skynet Innovations, where his deep understanding of customer needs and commitment to nurturing empowering business environments led to significant growth and high client retention rates.

Shaun has a successful track record in entrepreneurship and strategic business development, with investment experiences in several medical technology companies. His unique approach to business growth showcases the transformative power of local business development.

Shaun's focus is on cultivating a strong business culture. He emphasizes a shared vision and passion among team members and shares strategies to inspire these values in other businesses. Shaun also maintains that customer satisfaction is not merely a performance indicator but should permeate every aspect of a company. His customer-centric philosophy has resulted in near-perfect client retention rates in his ventures.

Beyond professional success, Shaun advocates for a holistic view of achievement, harmonizing professional triumphs with personal fulfillment and freedom. He encourages entrepreneurs to savor life's precious moments while striving for business growth.

As a key figure in the Blue Alliance family, Shaun offers mentorship on customer experience and culture building. His thought leadership extends to platforms like Inc. Magazine and Channel Futures, as well as the Growth Think Tank podcast. He also leads a Facebook group of 1,300 MSPs, offering guidance and fostering a collaborative community.