Blue Alliance Spotlight: Skynet Innovations, Founding Partner

Blue Alliance
December 26, 2023
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At a Glance:

  • Founding Year:   2008
  • Joined Blue Alliance:  2021
  • Headquarters: Cincinnati, OH
  • Superpower:  serving SMBs
  • Employees:  58
  • Clients:  299
  • Motto: “Your goal is you have such a great relationship with our customers that they want to invite you over to their family BBQ.”

Blue Alliance prides itself on curating a diverse collective of top-tier MSPs, bringing together independent owners to amplify success. We’re so lucky to have founding partners like Skynet Innovations on board at the ground level, influencing the direction of the Blue Alliance mission and shaping our business model.

Skynet is one of Ohio's most respected IT services firms, founded by veteran MSP operator Shaun Sexton who had a vision to provide robust IT solutions to small businesses. Starting from humble beginnings, Shaun bootstrapped impressive growth through hustle, strong relationships and customer dedication. 

By 2018, Shaun had a decade of MSP experience and insight under his belt that he knew could benefit his peers. He began mentoring a group of MSP owners, guiding them through some of the same challenges he had already conquered. In 2021, Shaun embraced the opportunity to expand his role as a mentor into something much more significant and he joined forces with Nick Recker to found Blue Alliance.

Blue Alliance is part mentorship, part collaboration, built on the premise to bring together the collective experience of MSP owners in a supportive community. It’s an ecosystem where the best in the business can unite and grow, sharing in each other’s success and tackling challenges and seizing opportunities as a group, rather than going it alone. 

Today, Skynet Innovations continues to thrive under the leadership of Shaun’s wife, Audrey who has been with the company for more than ten years. With the benefit of Blue Alliance’s deep integration, economies of scale and support structure, Skynet has expanded its footprint, growing to serve nearly 300 SMBs with right-sized IT solutions and trusted tech support 24/7. 

"Blue Alliance lets owners preserve autonomy and freedom while tapping collective wisdom, amplifying all our work."

“Shaun built Skynet on his conviction that relationships need to be the heartbeat of the company, both with our customers and with our team members,” said Audrey Sexton, CEO of Skynet Innovations. “Today we continue to operate like a family. The businesses we serve are often family-owned and Skynet becomes an extension of that family.”

Protecting Skynet’s stakeholders and operational superiority was of critical importance to Shaun as he and Nick formed the vision for Blue Alliance. Shaun was instrumental in shaping Blue Alliance’s commitment to MSP independence. He explains, "Too often, managed services firms lose identity in commoditized consolidation plays. Blue Alliance lets owners preserve autonomy and freedom while tapping collective wisdom, amplifying all our work.”

Blue Alliance is grateful for Skynet Innovations as a founding partner of our expanding MSP collective, shaping and fueling our vision. As a founder, Shaun continues to engage with the caliber of brands we aim to align moving forward. Together, we look forward to adding their energy and ideas to empower more independent MSPs to advance the industry.

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