Blue Alliance Builds Momentum Around Their Vision to Empower MSP Growth

Blue Alliance
December 19, 2023
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The technology M&A environment has seen exponential growth recently, with over 2,000 deals in the past 3 years. As the market continues to accelerate, with over 40,000 MSPs today, independent MSP owners face a challenging landscape navigating through the noise.

Blue Alliance came together in 2021 to transform the Managed Service Provider (MSP) space by creating a collaborative ally to help independent MSPs thrive. Today, Blue Alliance operates on a manifesto that progress stems from unity, not uniformity, innovation thrives when experience and vision merge, and partnerships must champion relationships before transactions.

Central to the Blue Alliance mission is a refreshed brand identity encapsulating our raison d’être: empowering MSPs to reach new heights through strategic partnership. The rich blue of our new logo speaks to the openness and trust vital between partners. Within the logo, a triangle holds the hidden letter “A” for “alliance”, positioned as an exponent to the “B” - representing our mission to exponentially amplify partners’ success.

Most critically, our new tagline, “The Operator-Led Investment Group,” underscores the peer-led mentorship approach that sets us apart. As experienced MSP operators, we understand the grind and keep our eyes locked on client outcomes.

While an aesthetic overhaul, this rebrand also telegraphs a broader shift as Blue Alliance enters its next chapter. We aim to reshape traditional acquisition models by leading with alignment over influence and continuity over disruption. MSPs today need more than capital—they need capability builders, legacy protectors, and collaborators with skin in the shared game of serving people first. That’s the alliance we’re building. One centered on unlocking potential together, not dictating greatness alone.

“We started Blue Alliance to pioneer a new path—one where choosing an investment partner for your MSP marks the start its next chapter, not the closing of the book,” said Nick Recker, co-founder and CEO. “Our goal is to steward the life’s work of exceptional MSP builders by providing resources and guidance to empower their teams for future growth.”

The Blue Alliance promises to uphold partners’ commitment to customers, staff, and brand integrity. We are ready to steward MSP life’s work well beyond founders’ exits by opting for continuity over disruption and amplification over assimilation.

If scaling new heights as respected partners—not controlled assets—sparks your interest, we invite you to take a closer look at the new Blue.

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