Blue Alliance Announces Strategic Investment from Prairie Capital

Blue Alliance
February 14, 2024
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Revolutionizing the MSP Landscape: Our Innovative Platform Breaks Through Consolidation Clutter, Gaining Momentum

Cincinnati, OH – February 14, 2024 – Blue Alliance, a fast-growing, operator-led MSP collective, announced today that it has completed a growth recapitalization transaction with Prairie Capital, a proven firm in scaling companies across a wide array of industries. Prairie Capital's investment will enable Blue Alliance to accelerate its growth strategy and offer more MSP owners an alternative to the standard agreement, as well as the opportunity to be part of a strong, supportive community focused on scaling and shared success.

For Nick Recker, founding partner and CEO of Blue Alliance, the fundamental synergies of the two companies felt like a partnership right from the start. "Freedom drives entrepreneurs like me. We designed the Blue Alliance model to offer MSP owners continued freedom throughout our partnership, and Prairie's business model resembles ours in that way." Blue Alliance will continue to operate independently within the Prairie portfolio.

"We hand-selected Prairie as our investment partner because the two companies share many of the same philosophies for growing businesses," added Recker. These shared philosophies include protecting the company's brand, stakeholders, and relationships; leveraging best practices and building scalable platforms; embracing an entrepreneurial mindset; encouraging autonomy and focusing strategic investment in operational areas to unlock incremental value and growth.

Blue Alliance is the fourth company founded by Nick Recker, and it was inspired by his experience and passion running the Cincinnati-based MSP, Path Forward IT, a company he founded in 2002 that specializes in providing concierge IT services to healthcare practices. The global interruption to business in 2020 exposed vulnerabilities, especially for founder-business owners. "I recognized that banding together would make us stronger. That sentiment became the vision to create a platform for MSP owners that fosters collaboration, sharing resources, buying power and expertise."

Today, Blue Alliance is redefining the MSP landscape by translating the founders' experiences as MSP owners into a collaborative ecosystem where elite MSPs can thrive and grow, but it's an increasingly crowded market.

"Consolidation is flooding the MSP industry. Regardless of whether it's called a roll-up or a platform, most consolidations are transaction-based," said Patrick Jensen, Partner, Prairie Capital. Blue Alliance is built on the understanding that for MSP owners, it's not merely a transaction; it's their life's work and legacy. "Blue Alliance stands out for its empathetic approach and deeper integration model, making it a compelling alternative to traditional acquisition platforms."

"Our mission is to champion the independent MSP," says Shaun Sexton, founding partner of Blue Alliance. "We set out to create an option for MSP owners like us who were ready to partner and take their business to the next level but hesitate because they don't want the company they built to be dismantled, to lose its soul," Sexton added. "Our approach is about collaboration, not control. We know the collective is only as strong as the sum of its parts. That's why our mission is to amplify all the good things about a member MSP company, not change them."

"What we've built at Blue Alliance is different from the other MSP platforms. For us, it's personal. We've been where they are, we speak their language," says Recker. "With Prairie on our team, we'll be able to move faster, offering freedom to more MSP owners."


Blue Alliance is a fast-growing, operator-led MSP collective that offers a different option for MSP owners looking to invest in their future and unlock the full potential of their business. Built on first-hand entrepreneurial experience and insights, Blue Alliance invests in and nurtures a community where the best MSPs can unite and grow without losing their identity. For more information, visit


Founded in Chicago in 1997, Prairie Capital is a private equity fund with a long and successful track record of scaling growth-oriented, lower middle market companies in partnership with talented founders and management teams. Since inception, Prairie has invested over $1 billion in 100+ platform companies. Prairie makes control equity investments in founder-owned companies that require company-building investments to evolve into scalable platforms capable of sustaining accelerated growth. Prairie targets companies that participate in growing subsectors within business services, consumer, education, healthcare, industrial, and technology. More information about Prairie can be found at

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