Nick Recker

CEO | Founding Partner


Nick Recker, a relationship focused entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Blue Alliance, possesses an exceptional track record of creating approachable solutions to customers business challenges. Embarking on his entrepreneurial journey in 2002 with the launch of Path Forward IT, he identified and addressed the specific needs of physician entrepreneurs, leading to the successful creation of two additional businesses within the healthcare sector. Each of these companies operate independently yet contribute collectively to a unified vision.

In 2020, Nick identified another industry challenge faced by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and founded Blue Alliance to help these businesses surmount common growth obstacles. As the founding partner, Nick's role involves charting strategic directions and inspiring his teams with his vibrant leadership style -- elements critical to driving growth and profitability.

Throughout his career, Nick has remained committed to a solution-oriented, relationship-driven approach, which has seen him apply insights, tools, and technology developed over two decades to various high-impact, heavily regulated industries. While overseeing the diverse companies within the Path Forward portfolio, he simultaneously prioritizes nurturing relationships with other MPS owners creating the foundation for Blue Alliance.

Nick's dedication to the IT industry extends beyond his businesses. He is an active participant in industry events and forums, where he shares his expertise and insight. Furthermore, he regularly serves in advisory roles and on the boards of various organizations, offering his knowledge of technology and IT security risk mitigation.

Nick is also passionate about fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs and regularly mentors newcomers to the field. His spirited engagement with the wider industry, unwavering commitment to client relationships, and enthusiastic approach to the challenges of entrepreneurship are a testament to his relentless pursuit of growth and innovation. These factors, combined with his strategic vision and industry knowledge, make Nick Recker a standout figure in the world of IT entrepreneurship.